Well That Went Well

January 26, 2018


The Brass Ring Academy was a lot of fun, I meet a lot of great people, and will defiantly be going next year. I also plan on finding more Steampunk events to go to. However, in talking with a fellow Steampunker who makes and sells Steampunk outfits, I found out that I am making my corset wrong. Great.

Apparently your supposed to use two fabrics for your corset, one fashion (outside) and one stabilizing (inside) then stick them together with fusible webbing. Not what I did at all. She also recommended getting a corsetry book, I have yet to decide on which one to get. I've also asked some of my friends who have made corsets about what I should do and apparently instead of using fusible webbing to attach the fashion fabric to the stabilizing fabric you can hand bast the two together just outside of the stitching line. I also learned that the type of stabilizing fabric used in corsets is called coutil; however, this is an expensive fabric so twill or another rigid fabric can be substituted. The good news here is that I was not far off in my choice of broadcloth for my corset. Another good thing I got out of going to the Brass Ring Academy is a tip that you can buy "Grommet Tape" ( basically twill tape with eyelets in it) and bast it into your corset muslin to check fit with out having to actually install grommets.

So since I was so far off in my corset making I've decided to shelve the project until I have a better idea of what I'm doing. In the meantime, since I needed this corset making for part of my cosplay for Anime Boston, I will start working on the other parts of that cosplay and posting my progress on that. For now, this is the Craft Essence from Fate/Grand Order that my cosplay is based on, and since Rin is a very popular character, there is also a figurine I can use for reference. However, since this is an illustration, I'm sure there will be some creative liberties I will need to take with the cosplay because real things don't work like that! Ahh, the joys of trying to physically make something that was only ever supposed to be a 2D image.

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